What is Bai Tan? How to play Tan card game for beginners

Bai Tan is one of the popular card types recently, playing this type of card is not too difficult. This is also the content that many bettors are most interested in. The following article New88sg will share with you the most details about this type of card, how to play it as well as some sutras addiction when playing to fully grasp the victory.

What is Bai Tan?

According to known information, this Tan card game originated from Russia and was only recently introduced to Vietnam. And recently it has been invested by many online bookmakers to develop into the second most famous online card game today. Because of that, if you want to experience this online Tan card game, it will also become easier and faster.

A standard Tan card will have at least 2 and at most 4 hands playing together. This type of card game uses 52-card Western cards to play because it originates from the West. In Russia, people often call Tan cards Durak (idiot). The way to play this card is similar to the cheating and lying card game in Vietnam. However, they are not completely the same.

Detailed instructions for playing Tan card game for beginners

Understanding the rules of the game will help you more easily create a playing strategy and be sure of winning. The basic rule of this game is, the game will start when there are at least 2 players and turns will follow clockwise bets.

How to play Ton:

  • Target: Players will try their best to play all the cards yourself to the player next to you. Which player? There are still cards when the game ends it will be loser.
  • Start the game:
    • Shuffle the cards and deal them to each player 6 cards (4 players) or 8 cards (2-3 players).
    • Turn 1 card face up in the middle of the table to do this trump card.
    • The player to the dealer’s left will ahead.
  • How to play cards:
    • Player play 1 card days.
    • The next player can help equal post cards of the same suit and higher or Play any card if there is no support post.
    • Highest card in turn will eat All cards have been played.
    • Player play cards will be Go on.
  • End of game:
    • INThe project ends when one player runs out of cards.
    • The player with remaining cards wins loser.
  • Scoring:
    • Points for each card:
      • 2: 2 points
      • 3: 3 points
      • 10: 10 points
      • J: 11 points
      • Q: 12 points
      • K: 13 points
      • A: 14 points
    • Loser’s score:
      • Total score of all remaining cards in hand.
    • The player with the lowest score after many games it will be winner.

Rules of card game:

  • Home card:
    • The trump card has strongest level in the card game.
    • Players can Play any card to help trump card.
  • Ton:
    • When the player no post to help, they can ton to the next player.
    • Ton To be Play any card days.
    • Player was attacked maybe help post or ton back to the next player.
    • Ton maybe continuous until someone plays help get the lesson.
  • Play cards:
    • Player play cards when they Play the highest card during the turn.
    • Player play cards will be Go on.
  • Give views:
    • Players can give views if they do not want or cannot gambling.
    • Player give views will impossible help post or ton during that turn.

Bai Ton is a simple card game, easy to play but also very interesting and attractive. This game helps the player’s mind, thinking and calculating ability.

In addition, Bai Ton is also an entertaining game that helps people relax and bond with each other.

Some points to keep in mind when playing Tan cards

Not only do you have to firmly grasp how to play cards, but you also need to clearly understand some points to keep in mind when playing this type of card game. Knowing what to pay attention to will help you avoid breaking the rules when playing. It can also help you increase your chances of winning as high as possible:
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The first thing you need to note is that when it’s your turn to play, if you give a signal to everyone that you want to pass, then obviously you lose your turn. At this point you absolutely cannot change it, recording the signal or asking to play will not be approved.

The second thing is that when it’s your turn to play, which card you have chosen, you must put that card down and not change it back and forth. In case the player cannot put down that card, it means the player will be penalized to take more cards or lose the bet.

Third, if the player in front of you has not yet decided to play a card, then the person behind you has put down the card first, then you will have to take back the previous card according to the wishes of the person who played before you.

Fourth, players have the right to hide their cards to avoid letting others know how many cards they have left.

Fifth thing, for the Tan card game, no player has the right to check the cards that have been played.


So after this article, you also know about Tan cards as well as how to play this type of card. Hope the above information will be useful to you. Wishing you success in winning the Tan card bet!

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