What Are the Best Locations to Catch Spawning Peacock Bass?

South Florida and Southwest Florida are home to peacock bass. Peacock bass are most likely to be found in freshwater systems near South Florida. Broward County and Miami-Dade County are the most likely to have peacock bass. Miami-Dade County offers the best chances to catch a trophy-sized bass.

Miami FL has by far the best peacock-bass fishing in the United States. Two locations are the best: Falls Mall Canal System, and Miami Airport Lakes. These two locations share a common trait: Trophy Peacock bass.

Falls Mall Canal System 

It offers a unique fishing experience as you will be immersed in an urban but remote environment. Enjoy the fishing and scenery that will make you want to return. Your adventure starts the moment you step on board. Take a leisurely cruise along these canals and to your fishing spot. Always be prepared for the battle of your life, from your first cast through to your last.

Miami Airport Lakes

It offers the best accommodation for those who are staying close to Miami International Airport. You can board a freshwater vessel with an expert local within minutes of getting off the plane. You will be taken to hidden lakes and canals where you can catch some amazing peacock bass. Enjoy the urban feel of this city while reeling in beautiful and large Peacock Bass.

You can still catch peacock basses if you don’t live in Miami. Broward County has productive fisheries for peacock basses and other exotic species, including snakehead. Markham Park in Fort Lauderdale FL is an excellent location to catch some fish. It’s not likely that you will catch a giant fish, but you will have a lot of fun.

Palm Beach County Is Located Further North

This destination is home to the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes. This chain of lakes includes Lake Ida and a long stretch of canals that go north to Lake Osborne. These two fisheries are excellent for peacock bass and clown knife fish. You can find some larger fish in this chain depending on the conditions. The Lake Ida Chain is a great place to fish with the family if the weather is warm.

South Florida’s locations show great signs of the peacock bass spawning. It’s time to catch that trophy peacock. It will be an experience you won’t forget.

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