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Top 5 Educational Games and Apps For Kids

Educational Games and Apps for Kids

The internet is full of educational apps that teach your child everything from math and science to language and art. When selecting an app, make sure it’s enjoyable for your child as well as considering its cost; many are free but some offer paid upgrades or monthly subscriptions which give your child access to an ad-free experience. Additionally, consider whether certain features like math help are included in the cost; these may not be free forever!

If your child is ready to begin learning a new language, Duolingo is an ideal app. This popular app offers bite-sized lessons with adorable characters and an user-friendly interface. Plus, it makes tracking progress effortless, plus it serves as an assessment tool for language skills assessment.

A Day in My Life is an engaging social studies game that allows your child to “meet” kids from around the world and learn their culture, languages, and more through interactive stories. You can customize how each “friend” interacts with each other by selecting different themes and levels tailored for different ages, interests and levels of understanding.

PBS offers an impressive collection of games that teach kids various subjects such as math, science, reading and arts. These titles are based on popular shows like Peg + Cat, Ready, Jet Go and the Kratt Brothers; they can be enjoyed by children aged 2 and up and provide a great opportunity for them to get interested in learning.

Scratch, developed by MIT, is an ideal coding app for kindergarteners and 1st graders to learn the fundamentals of programming through games, puzzles and interactive lessons. With this program, kids can construct stories using MIT developers’ simple block-based coding language. Plus they have the option to create custom characters which they’ll use in their narratives as guides through this captivating world of Scratch.

This physics-based educational game engages kids in a variety of brain games that help them hone their reasoning and memory skills. With over 1000 logical puzzles and maze courses, this app teaches kids how to solve problems using their minds instead of their hands.

Thinkrolls Play & Code is an ideal option for teaching kids how to code without worrying about difficult language or complex concepts. This free app offers a range of enjoyable mazes and puzzles that will develop both critical thinking skills as well as creative problem-solving abilities.

Khan Academy is an excellent educational resource that helps children master topics from math and science to social studies, music, and beyond. All of their games and videos are aligned to Common Core standards so you can be certain your kids are getting the most out of their online learning experiences.

Toca Boca creates engaging digital toys that take kids on exciting journeys based on their sense of wonder and curiosity. Its products include Toca Lab, a science-themed adventure which introduces kids to elements from the periodic table and allows them to experiment with lab equipment; as well as Toca Lab: Plants, where they can construct their own garden and meet animals and plants living there.

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