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Fifa online 4 is one of the popular online soccer games, attracting millions of players worldwide. This is also the game chosen by many bettors to participate in betting. Posts Esports Below, we will guide you through all the information about this attractive betting game.

What is FIFA Online 4 betting?

FIFA online 4 is also known by names such as FIFA Soccer orFIFA Football, is an online soccer game with rules and competition similar to real life. Joining the game, you will have the opportunity to control players on the team, cooperate with teammates to score the most goals.

FIFA 4 online betting attracts the attention of many players globally, and is one of the most popular games at New 88. The betting game is designed simply, players must rely on the bets that the house has previously offered to analyze their choices. Players should note that the results of matches are decided by the programming system, so the results of the match carry a high probability factor. Therefore, players need to be cautious when participating in the betting process.

On the system of bookmaker New88, information related to football matches is updated publicly, helping players easily follow the information. With a transparent system and reliable information security, players can safely place bets without worrying about fraud.

New88 – Reputable FIFA Online 4 betting address

New88 is considered a leading online sports playground today that you should not ignore. Below are some reasons why you should choose to experience sports at this prestigious brand.

Brings many rich betting odds

The bookmaker offers very diverse bets in the field of e-sports, providing a full range of basic and extended bets, creating conditions for players to freely choose. Below are some popular betting odds in FIFA Online 4:

  • Match Betting: Predict which team will win or whether the match will result in a draw.
  • Total goals bet (Over/Under): Predict the total number of goals in a match.
  • Handicap bet: Bet based on the score adjustment between the two teams.
  • Correct score bet: Predict the exact score of the match.

Enjoy your experience with many attractive promotions

Players can enjoy their betting experience with many attractive incentive programs. Below are some incentive programs that you can receive when participating in FIFA 4 online betting at the bookmaker:

  • Every day, there is an opportunity to draw prizes with a value of up to 100k – 300k.
  • Unlimited cashback program applies to all betting products.
  • Receive huge discounts up to 5 million VND when shared publicly on social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Promote to VIP membership when reaching the required betting level according to the house’s regulations.
  • Get a 30% bonus on the weekend when you participate in e-sports betting.

Friendly and scientific interface

New88’s interface is designed with scientific friendliness, giving players a smooth FIFA online 4 betting experience. With a clear layout, convenient navigation bar and high portability, players can easily find information to participate in games on both computers and mobile devices.

Detailed information about betting games is displayed in detail, helping players make betting decisions based on complete information. New88’s interface creates a fast, effective online betting playground for players.

Super fast payout with modern methods

Bookmaker New88 currently supports a variety of deposit methods to meet the flexible needs of players. Players can use online transfer, scan the bank’s QR code, deposit money via phone scratch card, or use an e-wallet. With many options, members can deposit money conveniently and successfully.

Deposit methods at New88 are designed with a simple process, helping each member only take a few minutes to create an effective deposit/withdrawal order. After creating an order, players just need to wait for the New88 system to process and automatically add money to their FIFA 4 online betting account without encountering any difficulties.

Experience convenience on many different devices

The betting experience on New88 is easy and flexible on any device. From desktop to mobile and tablet, the interface is optimized for a smooth and convenient experience. You can easily place bets, follow matches, and make transactions anytime, anywhere, creating a convenient betting experience.

Instructions on how to place bets at New88

Please follow these steps to participate in FIFA 4 online betting:

  • Step 1: Access the New88 link on devices such as laptops, phones (Android or IOS), tablets,…
  • Step 2: Log in or click Register to create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Step 3: Deposit money into your account via bank card, e-wallet, scratch card, or other methods supported by the system.
  • Step 4: Select the Esports section on the main screen to view e-sports bets.
  • Step 5: Choose the FIFA online 4 game and place bets on existing bets.

Revealing some gaming experiences from experts

Remember the following tips to have a chance to win when betting on FIFA 4 online:

  • Master the FIFA online 4 bets offered by the bookmaker before investing.
  • You should not bet when your emotions are unstable. Instead, monitor and analyze the match results before placing bets.
  • Manage your capital appropriately, know when to stop when you are unlucky.
  • Explore diverse types of betting odds on the New88 e-sports platform.
  • Gain experience through watching tournaments to make accurate judgments.
  • Set a clear playing time goal to avoid wasting time and avoid getting caught up in the game for too long.

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Important notes to know at New88

Based on New88’s terms, this platform establishes strict controls to ensure the safety of players’ interests. This increases the seriousness and transparency of this betting playground.

When participating in betting at New88, players need to comply with the regulations and terms set forth by the system. Avoid violating prohibitions to ensure players participate in valid betting and enjoy the incentives provided by the house.

In case of problems, members should immediately contact customer service. This team operates 24/7 to assist players in resolving any issues quickly, while not interrupting the gaming experience.


Above is a summary of information related to the FIFA 4 online betting game at the playground New88 betting. Hopefully the above useful information will help readers better understand this e-sports betting subject. Wish you all have fun participating in betting and win big.

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